Agony into ability pain into perfection.

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Behind his Veil

“A Daymare outside of her Nightmares”

As an upcoming Teenager, Tween Domonique tried to grasp the grips of the decision to move with her dad and step-mom, moving with her father not knowing in just a years time his eyes would shift different towards her, she becomes caught in an interlacing dark realm of secret lives, lies and unforetold childhood trauma all while being raised in the church.


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Our journey at agonyN2ABILITY Publishing LLC is to empower authors to share their voices and stories to the world. We aim to provide accessible and affordable self-publishing services that allow writers to maintain creative control over their work while impacting a global audience.

Through our dedication transparency, and personalized support, we strive to innovate a community of successful self-published authors who motivate and complement the lives of readers everywhere.

“The only limit in life is the Limit we give ourselves!”

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